Modesto Woman Faces Murder Charges In Daughter Death!

According to Modesto Police, a mother is charged with ki!!ing her little daughter. Officers arrested 34-year-old Mina Nazari at Crown Ridge Apartments near Scenic Drive and Claus Road on Saturday on suspicion of m*rder after getting a report of a possible assault at about 12:48 p.m.

“There were just cop cars everywhere,” said neighbor Ranjeeta Singh.

According to Modesto Police, when officers arrived at the residence, they discovered a toddler dead inside. According to the police, there was a second youngster at home who was unharmed.

Chantelle Rodriguez, a neighbor, claimed that when she heard screams, she sought to determine what was going on.

“That’s when I ran down, and I [saw] the little brother. He was outside right here at the corner,” she said, pointing to a grassy area in the apartment complex.

“I feel very sad for the kid and for the family,” Singh stated. “I’m sure it’s a really hard, tough time for the brother and the father that I seen was questioned and talked to, but it’s just heartbreaking.”

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Police withheld the girl’s age and any other information regarding the circumstances of her death and potential triggers.

However, according to internet records, Nazari was arrested and lodged in jail after being charged with m*rder, attempted m*rder, assaulting a kid under the age of 8, and endangering a child.

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