Suspect Arrested For 7-Year-Old Homicide on Old Spanish Trail!

Years have passed since Mark Anthony Thomas’ m*rder without an arrest. According to authorities, Anthony Franklin, 51, has been charged with capital m*rder for his alleged role in Thomas’ death more than seven years ago.

On June 14, 2016, Thomas was discovered dead in the morning. According to the police, he was found in his car in the club’s back parking area at 3352 Old Spanish Trail.

At the time of the finding, investigators suspected foul play in Thomas’ death. Thomas was found to have been strangled to death, according to an autopsy.

Years later, Franklin was labeled a suspect in an investigation. He was arrested on October 23 and is currently being held in the Harris County jail.

For the most recent news, please take a look at the link provided below:

The reason for the m*rder and other information were not immediately made public.

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