Daughter Accused of 76-year-old Mother Murder In Texas City!

Police have revealed that the 76-year-old woman’s daughter has been charged with m*rder over ten days after she was discovered shot to death during a welfare check in Texas City.

On October 13, Irene Gray’s body was discovered at a residence in the 900 block of North Amburn Road. She was found to have “injuries consistent with gunshot wounds,” according to the authorities, who were responding to a report about a welfare issue.

Police reported on Monday that Sherene Lavett Washington-Harper, Gray’s 54-year-old daughter, had been detained on a m*rder warrant on October 20.

“It’s hard to believe that she could possibly commit such an awful act,” Irene Smith, Gray’s granddaughter, said. “Like, I just can’t.”

According to Smith, there had been conflict between Washington Harper, Smith’s mother, and her grandmother before the m*rder. She claimed that Washington Harper was doing dr*gs and that her grandmother wanted her mother out of the house.

“I always knew from arriving to the crime scene that just from the appearance of my mother and my brother that something was off,” Smith said. “There were no tears. No distress. It was just a normal day for them.”

The night before, her grandma was ki!!ed, Smith claimed she spoke to her, and everything seemed normal. Around 8 a.m. the following morning, she received a call from her kids, who had spent the night with their grandmother, informing her that Gray had somehow been injured.

Gray was found dead twice in the following days and spoke to a woman believed to be Washington Harper. She would not open the door either time. The day after the m*rder, she said she was terrified and had no idea who would do this to her sweet mother.

“No,” Smith replied when asked if she had spoken to her mother since the arrest. “I never will. Ever.”

Smith characterized the beautiful, energetic, and cowgirl-like grandma she was named for as being. She claimed that knowing how many lives her grandmother touched gave her a feeling of peace in her loss.

The $250,000 bond that Harper-Washington is being held under. Smith launched a GoFundMe to assist the family with the funeral expenses.

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