Semi-Truck Crash on I-96 Leaves All Unharmed, Michigan State Police Confirm!

On Wednesday, the Michigan State Police (MSP) reported a four-car collision in Grand Rapids on the social networking platform X, formerly known as Twitter.

MSP reported Grand Rapids Post troopers responded to the accident on westbound I-96 East of Alden Nash.

According to their first findings, a semi-truck collided with three automobiles that were slowing down to avoid a nearby work zone.

According to MSP, no one was seriously hurt in the collision. They added that traffic could still pass on the shoulder but that drivers should find an alternate route while cleanup is in progress.

For the most recent news, please take a look at the link provided below:

According to the Michigan DOT, the road was opened back up at about 6:20 p.m. on Wednesday. MSP has not finished its investigation into the crash yet.

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