Refugee Resettlement Resolution Fails: Eau Claire County Board Decision

The Eau Claire County Board’s resolution regarding the refugee resettlement in the Chippewa Valley has not been approved.

The resolution suggested that Word Relief, the group spearheading the resettlement, set up an impartial economic analysis about the expenses to taxpayers before the refugees were relocated.

The County Board would then evaluate the findings. The County Board rejected the resolution by a vote of 18–9.

World Relief of Chippewa Valley is working to bring 75 refugees to the area, but the move has drawn some criticism:

Although there has been opposition to the plan, World Relief claims that the arrival of 75 refugees will diversify the community and offer jobs, housing, and healthcare to those in need in the Chippewa Valley.

Community members discussed the resolution at the meeting on Tuesday night.

These News Have Made a Lot of Noise Recently:

Some expressed support for the resolution, citing the economic benefits that refugees bring to the area, while others stated that the community is opposed to refugees coming to Eau Claire because so much of the resettlement process has been done behind closed doors.

Officials from World Relief claim they are still figuring out exactly where the migrants are coming from and that they are unsure of the precise time of their arrival in the Chippewa Valley.

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