One Dead, Four Injured In Multi-Vehicle Collision On I-40 East of Shamrock!

A series of crashes involving large rigs resulted in one fatality and four injuries. Four miles east of Shamrock, on I-40, the collision occurred at about eight in the morning.

The Texas Department of Public Safety reports that a pickup truck pulling a trailer jackknifed, closing the westbound lanes of I-40. There was about a 3/4-mile backlog in traffic.

The 26-year-old Parampreet Singh Deol of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, rear-ended another large rig after failing to notice the backup in time.

The second colossal rig hit a third, and the third hit a fourth, setting off a domino effect. At the scene, Deol was pronounced deceased.

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Sukhmandeep Singh Sidhu, a passenger in the sleeper berth who was 23 years old, suffered severe injuries in the collision. He was taken to the Amarillo-based Northwest Texas Hospital.

In addition, two additional drivers were admitted to the hospital.

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