Ohio City Tops Charts as Most Racist in the State

There are places in America where racist ideas are openly displayed, especially around election time. Even though Obama was president for four years, people in the generally Democratic state of Ohio are hesitant to support a black candidate. This is a worrying trend that can be seen in cities like Steubenville.

Ohio: A Hotspot for Racism During Elections

Ohio A Hotspot for Racism During Elections
Ohio A Hotspot for Racism During Elections

Ohio often becomes a focal point of racism during elections. It is like a hotspot where cases of racial bias often come to light.

Residents are not shy in acknowledging the presence of racists among them, while some individuals doesn’t express their views publicly.

People like John Corrigan, one official, openly declare that certain constituencies will not support Obama simply because of his race.

Unspoken Racism and Election Polls

In earlier elections, there were worries about silent racism influencing votes. They were concerned about something called the “Bradley effect,” where people might not fully support a black candidate in polls to avoid seeming racist.

But in 2008, despite these concerns, Obama won Ohio by 4 points, surprising many who expected a different result.

Racism Beyond Ohio’s Borders

Racism Beyond Ohio's Borders
Racism Beyond Ohio’s Borders

Racism isn’t only in Ohio—it’s all over the place. Many states have similar issues, showing it’s not just about swing states like Ohio during elections.

This simpler explanation talks about how racism shows up in Ohio during elections, how we notice it, and how it affects the whole country.

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