Missing Everman 6 Years-Old Boy Mother Faces Capital Murder Charges!

Authorities on Monday reported a significant development in the unsolved case of a 6-year-old Texas kid who vanished many months ago.

Everman Police Chief Craig Spencer said that a grand jury had indicted Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez’s mother, Cindy Rodriguez-Singh, on four counts, including capital murder, two counts of child injury, and one count of abandoning with the purpose to return, a year after Noel was last seen alive.

Teams are already collaborating with U.S. Marshals on the efforts to capture and extradite Rodriguez-Singh to the United States, according to Spencer, who said the indictments would “significantly support” such efforts.

Noel’s stepfather, Arshdeep Singh, and his spouse, Rodriguez-Singh, are reportedly in India now that Noel and six of his siblings traveled to Turkey in March from the United States.

Noel was nowhere to be found when police published images and CCTV footage of the family in June, just before they boarded their trip.

“Although this is a tremendous milestone for the justice in this case, make no mistake that our work is not done,” Spencer said. “We will continue to work towards justice and we will continue to search for Noel.”

Spencer verified that detectives have ruled out all other possible outcomes save murder and that authorities have still not located a body.

“Noel may never be found,” Everman Mayor Ray Richardson said. “No child should ever have to go through the abuse that Noel did.”

“Now that the murder warrant has been issued, we will hopefully be able to get the answers to many unanswered questions that surrounds this case. The goal is and always has been to locate Noel and give him the justice he deserves.”

Authorities stated that family members had “seen her beat him with keys, refuse to give him water, refuse to change his diapers,” and claimed the mother of the crippled youngster had a “history of abuse and neglect” toward her son.

“Cindy reportedly referred to Noel as evil, possessed, or having a demon in him,” and the alleged abuse was consistent. Noel had never attended any education.

Spencer stated that Rodriguez-Singh’s indictment resulted from these facts, not from her husband, Singh. The chief continued, saying that although police “weren’t able to make necessary connections” with Singh, that may change “if more information comes to light that he has any involvement in this.”

“It’s been extremely emotional. Today is emotional for me,” Spencer added. “At the same time, it also confirms our biggest fear. We’ve got a mix of emotions.”

Rodriguez-Singh and Singh had prior felony arrest warrants acquired by the police on allegations of child endangerment and abandonment.

Spencer exclaimed, “I can’t wait until they get her and bring her back.”

“How she treated this boy and all the sad things that had to occur in his life, it just continues to solidify our belief that he’s dead and she murdered him, in my mind.”

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