Male Pedestrian Killed in Lake County Hit-and-Run Incident

According to the police, a man who was 66 years old passed away on Monday night after being struck by a vehicle. The vehicle then driven away from the scene, leaving the victim lying in the road.

According to the police, officers discovered Gary Prekel in the eastbound lanes of Lakeshore Boulevard in front of the Shoregate Towers apartments.

Male pedestrian dies in hit-and-run in Lake County:

Prekel was found having sustained serious injuries. He was transported to the University of Hawaii Lake West Medical Center in Willoughby by ambulance, but he did not survive his injuries and passed away.

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According to the statements made by witnesses, the Prekel was hit by a blue SUV. Damage to the front end of the car was sustained as it traveled east on Vine Street in the direction of Eastlake.

There have been no arrests made in connection with this incident.

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