Lakewood’s Bus Close Call: Student’s Close Encounter with Passing Driver

Yesterday evening, near Squankum Road in Lakewood, a kid almost got hit by a car when they were getting off a school bus. The bus had its lights and stop signs on, but a car decided to drive on the side of the road to go around the bus.

The car came really close to hitting the student. The police are looking into it, and they plan to charge the car’s driver when they catch them.

Driver Passing School Bus on Shoulder Nearly Runs Over Lakewood Student Walking Off Bus:

It’s really scary when cars don’t stop for school buses. You know, this happened near Squankum Road in Lakewood. So, picture this: a kid was just trying to get off the bus, doing what they were supposed to do, when suddenly, a car zooms past the bus on the side of the road.

These news are making headlines:

Even though the bus had its lights flashing and stop signs out, this car just ignored it all. Can you imagine how close the car came to hitting the student? It’s so dangerous.

The good thing is, the police are on it. They’re investigating the whole thing and looking for the driver who did this. Once they catch them, that driver is definitely going to face some serious trouble with the law. I mean, it’s super important to be safe around school buses, right?

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