Wyoming’s Cocaine Consumption: The County Leading America’s Usage!

Wyoming doesn’t hold the highest cocaine consumption rate in the U.S. States like Vermont, New York, and Maryland have higher percentages of people using cocaine, with Vermont hitting about 3.41 percent, above the national average of 1.86 percent.

Cocaine Usage Nationwide

As of 2021, cocaine stands as the second most used illegal drug in the U.S. after marijuana. Approximately 40.9 million Americans have tried cocaine, and nearly 4.8 million used it in the past year.

Comparing Drug Use Stats

Compared to other drugs, roughly 29.5 million people have used LSD, and 21.1 million have tried ecstasy. In 2021, almost 4.8 million people were estimated to have used cocaine.

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Impact of Cocaine Use: Rising Overdose Deaths

Overdose deaths related to cocaine have surged over the past few decades. In 2021, about 24,486 overdose deaths were tied to cocaine, a significant rise from the 3,800 reported in 1999.

Understanding Cocaine-Related Overdoses

Many overdose deaths connected to cocaine also involve other drugs, especially opioids, part of the ongoing opioid crisis. Though men face double the risk of cocaine-related overdose deaths compared to women, both genders have seen an increase in death rates lately.

Final Thoughts

While cocaine use is a big issue across the nation, having the right information is key to grasping its actual reach. According to the latest data, Wyoming doesn’t lead in cocaine consumption rates in the country.

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