Scam Alert: Lake County Sheriff’s Department Warns Residents About Fake Police Calls

The Lake County Sheriff’s Department has issued a warning after discovering a new fraud targeting local citizens.

Scammers are making phone calls with the Lake County Sheriff’s Department number as the caller ID.

The impostors claim the recipient is wanted for arrest and demand money in exchange.

Lake County Sheriff’s Office Warns of Latest Scam:

Deceptive Scammers in Lake County Use Police Officer’s Name for Fraud

Fraudsters who insist on cash-only payments go one step further by forcing victims to phone their banks for financial transfers.

To add another level of deception, they use the name of a true Lake County police officer.

Official Warning and Assurance

The Lake County Sheriff’s Department wants to reassure the public that payment for an arrest warrant will never be demanded over the phone.

They reveal that real officers don’t give warnings before making an arrest.

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Stay Alert and Report Suspicious Activity

Residents are urged to be cautious and verify any unexpected calls claiming to be from the Lake County Sheriff’s Department.

If asked for cash, it’s likely a scam. The department advises contacting them before taking any action.

Any information about these scammers can be reported to the Criminal Investigations Division at 219-755-3346.

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