Homeless Woman Discovered Inside Burning Banned Building

In Leesburg, a homeless lady was taken into custody for trespassing inside of a building that was on fire.

On November 29, at around 11:07 a.m., deputies responded to 2308 Myer Avenue in order to provide assistance to the Leesburg Fire Department and Lake County Fire Rescue with a woman who was later identified as Stephanie Lynn Bray, who was 57 years old.

This information was obtained from an arrest record filed by the Lake County Sheriff’s Office.

Despite the fact that Bray was inside a building that was actively on fire, he refused to leave in order to allow the fire to be put out.

Homeless woman found inside burning building from which she’d been banned:

It was still inside the building when the deputies arrived to take her into custody. It was eventually reported that she walked out to the roadway in order for emergency medical services to talk with her.

It was then that the deputies were able to recognize Bray. The fact that she had been detained for trespassing on November 13 was revealed when it was discovered that she had been trespassed from the location in the past.

These news are making headlines:

Under those circumstances, Bray attempted to evade police authorities by climbing through the back window of the building and hiding underneath it.

In the end, Bray was taken into custody for trespassing after being given a warning. She was taken to the Lake County Jail, where a bond of one thousand dollars was posted for her.

In addition, the Pennsylvania native was taken into custody in October for leaving Walmart wearing shoes that she had substituted with her own footwear that had been stolen.

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