Denver Radisson Update: Migrants Making Way for Homeless Residence

The Mayor’s office in Denver plans to move migrants out of the Radisson Hotel on Bannock Street and accommodate traditionally unhoused people instead. The city will lease the hotel for $10.4 million until 2024.

Moving Plans and Services

Denver’s homelessness leader informed the City Council that the current occupants would relocate by December 16, ensuring they aren’t left without shelter.

Around December 20-21, 220 unhoused individuals will move in, receiving services like meals, health support, and housing assistance from Bayaud Enterprises.

Migrants will move, traditional homeless will move in at Denver:

Assessing Success and Community Concerns

The success of this initiative will be measured by the number of guests finding stable housing (targeted at 40%) and engagement in housing-related support (aiming for 80%).

Some express concerns about the concentration of such sites in specific communities, but officials note that most sites are in higher-income areas.

These news are making headlines:

Discussion on Aurora Hotel and Future Precautions

During the council meeting, questions arose about a hotel in Aurora hosting Denver migrants. It was discovered that the hotel displaced some residents at risk of homelessness to accommodate the city’s request. Suggestions were made to prevent such displacements in future agreements between the city and hotels.

In summary, the city is transitioning from housing migrants to providing shelter and services for unhoused individuals, aiming for sustainable housing solutions while considering community equity and preventing displacements.

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