Dallas County Elections Conducts Voting Machine Test

Dallas County’s election team made a huge step towards transparency by conducting its first public test of voting machines. This effort tries to improve voter trust at a time when election integrity is a major concern.

Dallas County Elections holds its first public test of voting machines, part of a push from the county’s new elections administrator to be more transparent with voters:

Witnessing the Test

Approximately twelve people were present to observe the county’s voting system test.

They participated in a simulated voting process for the upcoming primary elections, printing their ballots and submitting them to the tabulator. Afterward, they reviewed their votes with election staff.

Earning Trust

Heider Garcia, the new elections administrator for Dallas County, emphasized the importance of earning trust in the election process.

This public test is part of his commitment to transparency, and he envisions more such events in the future. Garcia encourages people to ask questions and even point out vulnerabilities if they find any.

Smooth Test Run

Thirteen test ballots were used in the public test, with seven for Democrats and six for Republicans. Fortunately, all tested ballots functioned correctly.

Additionally, county elections administrators must also undergo testing by the Texas Secretary of State to ensure logistics and accuracy.

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Local Focus on Election Security

With Texas withdrawing from a national voter security organization, local election officials like Garcia play a crucial role in maintaining election security. Garcia invites people to email his office if they have any questions or concerns.

Garcia emphasized that the public can actively engage in the election process by witnessing and participating in events like this. It’s about transparency and ensuring that voters have confidence in the integrity of their elections.

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