Lake County Modernizes Vote-by-Mail as Election Day Nears

Lake County, Illinois, has introduced a new state-of-the-art vote processing center ahead of the March primary.

This advanced facility marks a significant upgrade in the county’s election operations.

Automation Enhances Mail-In Voting

The newly launched center brings automation to the forefront of mail-in voting.

In just one hour, machines at this center accomplish tasks that previously took several days for multiple Lake County employees.

These machines efficiently handle printing, tracking, and dispatching mail-in ballots to registered voters.

Val Guyett from BlueCrest highlighted the labor-intensive nature of the previous process and the notable speed and accuracy enhancements brought by automation.

They organized a special celebration to showcase the new center. He cut the ribbon on the occasion.

As Election Day 2024 approaches, Lake County automates vote-by-mail process:

Investment and Positive Impact

Backed by approximately $3 million in federal funding, Lake County transformed an old basement storage area into a dynamic mail-in ballot processing center.

The substantial investment reflects the county’s acknowledgment of the rising trend in mail-in voting and the need for an efficient and modernized approach.

Sandy Hart, Chair of the Lake County Board, emphasized the multitude of benefits this initiative brings.

Beyond streamlining processes, the automation drastically reduces waste, cuts costs, and ensures a more accurate voting procedure.

Efficiency and Transparency Boost

This advanced system allows the county to closely monitor the distribution and return of ballots to individual voters.

Additionally, it enables faster vote tabulation on election night, promising a more efficient tally of results.

The design of the processing room prioritizes transparency, allowing both media and the public access.

Anthony Vega, Lake County Clerk, stressed the significance of these tools in maintaining fairness and precision in their election processes.

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Upcoming Voting Opportunities

Starting February 8, the Clerk’s office will open for early in-person voting. Simultaneously, the machines will begin dispatching vote-by-mail ballots in preparation for the March 19 primary election.


Lake County’s innovative step toward automated mail-in ballot processing marks a significant advancement in ensuring efficient, accurate, and transparent elections for its residents.

These modernizations underscore the county’s commitment to evolving election procedures to meet the changing needs of voters.

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