Fatal Bargain: Witnesses Recount Horrific PS5 Sale Shooting In Dallas!

Police in Dallas are looking into the shooting death of Darius Young, 20. Police were informed by witnesses that Young was shot due to a video game. Stephanie Glasper, Young’s sister, feels that recovery will never come.

“I just got my peace back in my soul from losing my mother,” said Glasper. Glasper is currently in sorrow after the loss of her younger brother.

According to DPD, Young was shot and died on Saturday, October 21, in the parking lot of an apartment building on the 200 block of Stoneport Drive. The incident’s cause was revealed to the family and the police by witnesses.

“My brother was trying to sell his PS5 for his car note money. He was going to sell it to a friend of a friend,” said Glasper. She was informed there was a dispute by witnesses.

“He was shot in his head three times, but he was shot more than three times,” Glasper said. “It was senseless. It was stupid. It was overkill.”

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Young had previously been a victim of gun violence and had been in and out of the juvenile prison system when Glasper and Young chatted that morning about taking action to change his life.

“He went and got his things together, got him a job which is how he got the car,” Glasper said. “I said you’ve got to get it together… He was like, ‘I’m immortal. I can’t die.’”

Young vanished a few short hours later. “His life didn’t even start,” said Glasper. Young, who turned 20 this month, is survived by his parents, three sisters, and nephew.

The inquiry, according to police, is still ongoing. Glasper has one message for the individual or people who ki!!ed her brother while it’s still happening.

“I don’t have a heaven or hell to put them in and it’s not for me to judge,” Glasper said. “It’s bigger than them. He’s bigger than them. He’s bigger than the situation. He’s bigger than what took his life.”

Police always recommend conducting business in safe areas. That can include public spaces with good lighting, like a police station’s lobby. Never go alone, and let someone know where you’ll be meeting for the transaction.

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