Clallam County Arrests Gunman Attacking Horseback Riders

According to a news release from the Clallam County Sheriff’s Department, a man suspected of two drive-by shootings in Port Angeles was taken into custody by Clallam County deputies.

Deputies responded to a complaint of a drive-by shooting in the 100 block of Finn Hall Road on Friday at approximately 4:30 p.m.

Officers were informed by equestrians that they heard a speeding car approaching them as they were mounted. They urged the motorist to slow down and gestured, but he persisted. Three gunshots were heard by the bikers a little while later.

“Three muzzle flashes emitted from the driver’s window,” reported one of the riders.

The vehicle was a blue pickup truck with a cover, according to the passengers.

In nearby areas, deputies found a spent bullet casing. The bullet casing was from a Hornaday 9mm round.

Clallam County deputies arrested a man accused of two drive-by shootings in Port Angeles:

A home video and audio surveillance was provided by a witness. Three gunshots are audible in the footage. A blue truck that resembles a Dodge may be seen traveling east to west a few seconds later.

Surveillance footage was shared by another witness. The footage was captured eight minutes after the gunfire started and was taken eight minutes away by car.

Officers from Port Angeles responded to a drive-by shooting incident later on same day. Near the intersection of Park Street and Peabody Street, witnesses reported that the driver of a blue Dodge pickup opened fire on a passing car. Officers found shell casings that were identical.

A perimeter is established by deputies along choke points. The truck was then observed by a deputy driving east on Highway 101.

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As the truck entered the Walmart in Port Angeles, the deputy trailed behind it. This was a “high-risk traffic stop” carried out by the deputy and WSP trooper.

Seth D. Weathers, a 31-year-old Port Angles resident, was the sole person inside the truck. A hidden 9mm handgun was discovered on him when he was taken into custody.

Six more rounds were in the fifteen-round magazine of the gun, and there was one round in the chamber. Hornady was the manufacturer of all the rounds.

Two counts of drive-by shooting and one count of carrying a concealed weapon without a permit were the reasons for Weathers’ booking into the Clallam County Correctional Facility.

The Finn Hall location was searched on Sunday by members of the Clallam County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Team for evidence. There was no more evidence discovered.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Clallam County Sheriff’s Office at (360) 417-2459, according to the office.

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