Sheriff’s Shocking Revelation: 6 Arrested for Child S*x Abuse Material in Marion County

In Marion County, six men are currently facing charges and have been accused of possessing materials that are related to the s*xual abuse of children. There is a teacher in Lake County who is one of those four males.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children reportedly identified those six males as the individuals who were in possession of the child s*xual assault material, according to the deputies.

After receiving that report, a secret mission that lasted for four days was carried out.

6 men arrested in Marion County for possessing child p*rnography:

The individuals were confronted by law enforcement officers who knocked on their doors and asked them if they may inspect their electronic devices. This “sting” was carried out by law enforcement.

“In this case, our detectives made contact with these individuals and they decided, ‘I’ll let you look.’ Maybe they hoped law enforcement wouldn’t find what they had on their phones or their other devices. In this case, we knew where to look, and we located it,” said Zach Moore, a public information officer for the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.

Each of the persons who were taken into custody is being charged with multiple counts of having child p*rnography.

Here’s some news that’ll grab your attention for sure:

Michael Kozierowski, one of the males, is a teacher and can also be found coaching volleyball at Eustis Middle School, which is located in Lake County.

All terminations are decided by the board, according to the school system, and the next meeting of the board is scheduled for Monday.

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