Island Lake Incident: Man Accused of Assaulting Children Over Spilled Food

According to the prosecution, a man shoved a child because they dropped food on the ground, broke the jaw of another child, and then pushed a woman who was attempting to calm him down in Island Lake.

Domestic battery, aggravated battery inflicting grave bodily harm, and aggravated domestic battery are the charges that have been brought against Ricardo M. Garcia, who is 32 years old and lives in Island Lake.

In a statement made by Lake County Assistant State’s Attorney Mary Daly, she stated that the Island Lake Police Department responded to Northwestern Medicine Hospital in McHenry at approximately five in the morning on November 23.

Prosecutors say a man shoved a child because they spilled food on the ground, broke a second child’s jaw and then pushed a woman who tried calming him down in Island Lake:

An investigation revealed that three distinct victims had been involved in a domestic battery that had taken place.

In the evening of November 22, officers discovered that Garcia had been drinking heavily when they got home from their grocery shopping trip. The victims had been out shopping for food.

As a result of a youngster of thirteen years old dropping a piece of pie on the floor at their residence, Garcia became agitated, according to Daly.

It was reported by Daly that Garcia’s wife attempted to calm the man down, but he pushed her twice.

Despite the fact that the minors attempted to escape Garcia by going upstairs, he followed them and informed a girl who was 17 years old that she had “disrespected him,” according to Daly.

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According to Daly, Garcia assaulted the young lady in the face, causing her to scream out in agony.

It was discovered that Garcia was responsible for the girl’s broken jaw, which she sustained as a result of being attacked by Garcia.

The State’s Attorney’s Office for Lake County submitted a motion to detain Garcia pending trial, stating that he poses a genuine and immediate risk to the individuals who were affected by the incident.

As far as the client’s criminal history is concerned, Attorney George Gomez stated that his client had only one conviction.

Garcia was remanded to the Lake County Jail after the petition was granted by Lake County Judge Theodore Potkonjak, who took into consideration the fact that Garcia is not a domestic resident of the United States.

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