Elkhart Man Arrested After Cass County Chase Ends in Crash

According to the police, a man from Elkhart led them on a pursuit that resulted in a collision in Cass County. The suspect is currently being held in custody.

This information comes from the Cass County Sheriff’s Office, which states that the pursuit began in Berrien County.

After joining the pursuit in the vicinity of M-60 and Yankee Street in Howard Township, deputies from the Cass County Sheriff’s Office eventually seized control of the situation.

An Elkhart man was arrested after police say he led them on a chase that ended in a crash in Cass County:

According to the police, they were able to successfully deploy stop sticks as the pursuit continued until it reached Cassopolis.

Vandalia was the next location where the pursuit resumed, and it was there that the suspect vehicle crashed behind a house on Lakeview Drive in Penn Township.

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After then, the driver of the vehicle, a man from Elkhart who is 41 years old and has not been identified, was brought into prison. According to the police, he was the only person in the vehicle all during the duration of the pursuit.

It was subsequently determined that the suspect should be handed over to the Berrien County Sheriff’s Office.

Despite the fact that the investigation is still underway, the police have stated that it appears that drugs and alcohol played a factor in the pursuit.

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