Aurora Construction Site Near CU Anschutz Engulfed in Destructive Fire

At 12:48 p.m. on Saturday, Aurora Fire and Rescue responded to a structure fire incident. When crews arrived at the building site of a multi-residential home near Colfax and Peoria, they discovered a fire on the fifth level.

According to Aurora Fire spokesperson Andrew Logan, firefighters had to leave the area because of the fire’s conditions after making an initial attempt to put it out.

“From there, the call escalated from a first alarm to a fifth alarm,” Logan said. “This is a defensive operation, which means that there’s nobody inside and we are just playing water to put out all the hotspots.”

When Adam Duncan and his colleagues heard sirens, they were working not too far from the building site.

“I’m thinking somebody probably got shot or something,” Duncan, a construction worker, stated. “I looked up and I just see black smoke and man, first thing we did was run over here. Everybody from the job site, to see something like that, that could have been our job site.”

Investigations are underway to determine the fire’s cause and origin. There were no nearby structures affected by the fire.

Large fire damages building in Aurora at construction site near CU Anschutz campus:

There were no reported injuries. Parsons claims that the final six to eight months had been dedicated to the building’s development.

In the past two days, firefighters have battled fires at two separate residential home construction sites. At 12:11 a.m. on Thursday, Aurora Fire was dispatched to the 7300 block of S. Addison St. in response to a three-alarm fire.

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Despite the restricted access to fire hydrants, firefighters were able to rapidly put out the fire. According to Aurora Deputy Fire Chief Cain Hills, there was no problem with it during the fire on Saturday.

“Whenever you have multiple apparatus hooked to the same hydrant grid, of course you’re going to have water problems because there’s not enough water to supply all the apparatus,” Hills said. “So luckily we do have adequate water supply currently and it appears to be working.

There were no reported injuries from the incident on Thursday. Of the building’s twenty-three units, five were destroyed. Investigators are also looking into the origin and causation of the fire.

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