Stafford County’s Fatal Encounter: Man Killed After Confronting Police with Rifle

In Stafford County, a man was shot and killed after he brandished a rifle toward deputies. The incident occurred in the county.

At approximately 12:20 in the morning, the police were called to the 2400 block of Richmond Highway in response to a disturbance.

The police report states that when the deputies were making contact with the person who filed the complaint, an adult male resident of the home pointed a rifle in the direction of the deputies.

Man shot, killed after brandishing rifle towards officers in Stafford County:

In spite of the fact that the individual was repeatedly told by the deputies to drop the firearm, he did not comply.

Deputy sheriffs reportedly fired their firearms, and the suspect was subsequently pronounced dead at the scene of the incident.

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Other injuries were not reported at the scene, and the southbound lanes of Richmond Highway were closed this morning in order to facilitate the investigation.

Those deputies who were involved have been placed on administrative leave as a matter of course. We will make any additional information available to the public as it becomes available.

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