Aurora House Party Tragedy: Gunfire Leaves Multiple Injured

Four people got hurt in a shooting at a big house party in Aurora on Saturday morning. As to the Aurora Police Department, it didn’t seem like any of the injuries would be fatal.

The Joliet Street 1300 block is where the shooting happened. When they heard gunfire nearby at 12:15 a.m., officers were in the neighborhood.

When the police arrived, they discovered a home party with an ongoing gunshot incident. In excess of one hundred juveniles and young adults were fleeing the scene in cars at high speeds.

Four persons, two of whom were 19 years old, a 17-year-old kid, and an 18-year-old lady, were taken or self-transported to neighboring hospitals with gunshot wounds. More than a dozen shots were fired, according to a neighbor who requested to remain unnamed.

“Next thing I know I hear pop-pop-pop-pop-pop, and then I hear ‘help, help!’” he said. “There were people scrambling everywhere, and there were people screaming because they were obviously shot.”

House party in Aurora ends with multiple people shot:

These article are making headlines:

Why Were So Many Kids at the Party After Midnight?

“These teenage kids, where are there parents? Why are they allowed to be out?” he said.

A Denver guy who was attacked at an Israel music festival survived. One car posed a risk to the safety of the officers and the partygoers who were running away, according to the police. The car refused to stop for the officers’ attempted traffic stop.

Police added that after starting a chase, they swiftly disabled the car. The driver, who is eighteen, fled at first, but he was apprehended without any further incidents.

Despite the fact that a revolver with a big capacity magazine was discovered in the car, detectives do not think the man was involved in the shooting at the party.

Detectives were still looking into who was at the party and who was involved in the first shooting as part of the ongoing investigation into the shooting.

If you know anything, call 720-913-7867 to speak with Metro Denver Crime Stoppers. People giving information can get up to $2,000 for this.

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