2-Alarm Fire Erupts in New Jersey Residences

On Saturday, a two-alarm fire in Mercer County’s Trent Center Senior Housing Community sent a few people to the hospital. Around 1:30 p.m., the fire started in the Trenton, New Jersey, building complex.

Police were still looking at the property on Saturday night to try to figure out what started the fire. “It’s a shame,” Camden resident Vanessa Spann said. People who live on the 12th floor of the building often hear the fire alarm, according to Spann.

“The fire alarms go off, just like usual, but it’s just a test. The fire company comes, turns it off, and that’s it. This time it was a real fire,” she said.

As soon as firemen arrived, everyone in the 15-floor building was quickly taken out. Ken Douglas, the director of the Trenton Fire Department, said that three people were taken from the building to a nearby hospital after being saved.

2-alarm fire breaks out at housing community in New Jersey:

A person had a heart arrest, but they should be okay now. Officials say the other two people were taken to the hospital to be watched. During this episode, a firefighter also got hurt slightly and was taken to the hospital.

“One firefighter that suffered minor injuries, the person was treated on the scene, but was transferred also to the hospital,” said Douglas.

As the fire spread to the top of the high-rise and through the rooms and stairs, Douglas says the hardest part was dealing with the smoke. Most of the people who lived in the complex were allowed back in by 6 p.m.

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Spann said of the smoke, “I left my windows open; hopefully it’s gone.” In her prayers, she says, are the people who can’t go home and her friends who are in the hospital.

The fire hurt three families, and the Red Cross is helping them. As of Saturday night, it’s not clear how many people have been forced to leave their homes. Also, no one knows yet what started the fire. The event is being looked into right now.

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