Wrong-Way Motorcyclist Loses Life In Tangipahoa Parish Accident!

A motorcyclist was killed after colliding with a car on the highway in Tangipahoa Parish Saturday morning. Around three in the morning, there was a collision on Interstate 12 close to LA Hwy 445.

During the preliminary inquiry, law enforcement stated that the rider was operating a 2022 Harley-Davidson and traveling westward in the left eastbound lane of Interstate 12.

The biker collided with a 2008 Toyota Camry that was traveling east in the left eastbound lane at the exact moment.

State authorities recognized the biker as Jesse Hester, a 25-year-old Hammond native. Officers reported that even though Hester was wearing a helmet that had been certified by the DOT, he had died from his injuries. The Toyota’s driver sustained no injuries.

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Officers have taken toxicological samples from both drivers for examination while they continue to look into how the collision happened.

Troopers advise drivers to take appropriate safety precautions, abide by all traffic regulations, and make wise decisions when driving. As of right now, no additional information is available.

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