Stonewell Fatal Accident Leaves Two Teens Dead, Two Hospitalized After Truck Strikes Tree

Early on Friday morning, a vehicle carrying two teenagers smashed into a tree on Rambin Road, resulting in two of them dying and two more being hospitalized.

Just after five in the morning, according to Louisiana State Police, Peyton Plunkett, 18, of Shreveport, and Seth Battlefield, 18, of Haughton, together with two other teenagers, were driving a 2019 Ford F-150.

Just west of U.S. Highway 171, the group was traveling east on Rambin lane when the F-150 off the lane and collided with a tree. When the accident occurred, none of the passengers had worn a seatbelt.

After being treated at a nearby hospital, Plunkett and Battlefield were declared dead, along with the four teenagers.

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While the accident is still being investigated, state police believe that speed and impairment have a role. LSP keeps advising drivers to stay away from driving when intoxicated or distracted, to stay away from speeding and other aggressive driving habits, and always to buckle up when in a car.

23 people have died as a result of 22 fatal crashes that LSP Troop G has examined.

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