Wood County Sheriff’s Association Gifts Kids Bicycles for Christmas

At the Judge Black Annex in downtown Parkersburg on Saturday, fifty bicycles were distributed to children in the neighborhood who were having difficulty fulfilling their basic needs.

According to Sergeant Andy Shriver, Vice President of the Wood County Sheriffs Association, the program known as “Bikes for Tykes” has been running for the past fifteen years. Throughout the course of the year, the organization asks for funds in preparation for this event.

“It’s the main event we put on for Christmas time,” he said.

The Wood County Sheriffs Association collaborates with a federal agency in order to identify potential recipients of their services.

Shriver stated that they make an effort to call the Department of Health and Human Resources in order to obtain contact information for children who are in need.

Here’s some news that’ll grab your attention for sure:

A goody bag that contains a variety of goods, including novels, coloring books, hand lotion, and other items, is attached to each bicycle.

There was an attempt made to reduce the amount of candy, as Shriver explained. The children were provided with helmets and bike locks to go along with their newly acquired bicycles.

The Deputy Sheriff’s Association got Santa Claus involved in assisting the children in enjoying their brand new bicycles.

Additionally, the children were provided with the opportunity to take a picture with Santa Claus and their brand-new bicycle.

The 911 Dispatcher for Wood County Due to the fact that Rachel Shriver was using a Polaroid camera to snap photographs, the youngsters were able to obtain their own camera without delay and take it with them to their homes at no cost.

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