Westmoreland County Police Track Down Teen Who Escaped From Detention Center

Fayette County, Pennsylvania, was the location where two juveniles who had escaped from the Westmoreland County Juvenile Detention Center in Hempfield Township were put into custody, according to the state police.

The news was made by the police on Monday morning, and they praised the efforts of the Westmoreland County Sheriff’s Department as well as the state police in Greensburg and Uniontown.

Both Robert Cogdell, 14, from Jeannette, and Braedon Dickinson, 16, from Connellsville, were believed to have escaped from the Westmoreland County Juvenile Detention Center in Hempfield Township on Saturday evening at 8:30 p.m., according to the first report from state police.

Two teen boys who escaped from Westmoreland County Juvenile Detention Center Saturday night are now in custody, according to State Police. One of the teens is one of seven suspects charged in connection with a July 2022 murder in New Kensington:

According to Trooper Cliff Greenfield of the state police, “It is my understanding that they were able to walk out of the facility.”

The teenagers may have been responsible for the theft of a 2016 Ford F-150 truck from South Greensburg, Pennsylvania, which was registered with the license plate ZKZ 0101. At least one weapon with a caliber of.45 was found inside the truck.

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In spite of the fact that Dickinson is one of seven individuals that the police have implicated in the murder of Jason Raiford, who was 39 years old and lived in New Kensington in July 2022, Cogdell’s record is still sealed because he is still considered a juvenile.

This individual is being charged with robbery, conspiracy, and murder in the second degree.

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