Fire Dept. Taking Donations For Family, After Presents Destroyed on Christmas

Firefighters in Pomeroy, Ohio, are collecting money for a family of six that lost their house and all of their possessions in a Christmas Eve blaze.

According to PFD, the family was sleeping in a motel at the time of the incident because of a winter storm that had knocked out their electricity. PFD states that the house was full of the family’s Christmas presents. Once the electricity was back on, they planned to head home for a celebration and gift opening.

PFD is collecting the following items to provide to the family:

Find here both new and gently worn garments in the following sizes:
sizes: XL women’s, Med men’s, SM men’s, XL boys’, 18 BOYS’
5/6 boys’
18 girls’
7 girls’
Gives of money, check, or gift card
Items for personal hygiene
Comment on or send a private message to PFD’s Facebook page with your donation amount. It is PFD’s policy to accept and distribute all donations.

Donations for the Lodi Township Fire Relief Fund should be made payable to the Pomeroy Firemen’s Association.

PFD has stated that all funds will be used to provide the family with basic essentials.
According to the Pomeroy Fire Department, they were called to assist with a fire in Athens County on Sunday.

PFD reports that the blaze occurred in residence on Possum Hollow Road in Lodi Township. At around 2:50 a.m., PFD reports that its crews arrived. They helped douse flames in certain areas and supplied fire engines with water.

PFD claims that the units were freed after the fires were extinguished. Fire department officials have confirmed that no firefighters were hurt during the incident. Authorities further claim that the homeowners and their children were not home at the time of the incident because of a power outage brought on by the winter storm.

PFD reports that the house was destroyed.

Athens County EMS and the York Township Volunteer Fire Department Box5 Rehab Unit were also on the scene, in addition to the Richland Area Fire Department, the City of Athens Fire Department, the Plains Fire Department, and the PFD. The Orange Police Department wants the five ladies for the theft of a safe containing $9,000 from a supermarket last week.

The women divided and conquered the store, with some of them distracting the staff while the others crept to the back and loaded the safe onto a shopping cart.

After covering the safe with a blanket or something similar, the women appear to leave the establishment without a fuss.

Saddening, it comes at the worst time, the holidays. Orange Police Chief Dan Adams said, “I hope these women are captured, incarcerated, and brought to answer for their felonious crimes.”

The incident occurred at a family-owned business in Orange, about 30 miles southeast of Los Angeles, around 11 a.m. on December 17. Orange is situated around 30 miles southeast of Los Angeles proper.

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