Winter Storm Kills 5 in Shelby County

As winter weather hit across Tennessee on Sunday, the state experienced a horrific toll, with at least 17 deaths. Five people died in Shelby County alone as a result of the extreme weather condition, marking a tragic turn of events.

Memphis Records Most Winter Storm Deaths

According to the Tennessee Department of Health, Memphis is the epicentre of fatalities during this winter storm.

Health experts highlight the very real risks related with ice weather, citing incidences of falls and injuries in emergency centres.

At least 17 people have died across Tennessee since winter weather hit Sunday. Five of those deaths are in Shelby County:

Investigations into Weather-Related Deaths in Shelby County

While exact facts about the five deaths in Shelby County remain unknown, the Shelby County Health Department is examining them as “weather-related” fatalities.

Reports from several sections of the state detail terrible instances, including a man in Henry County discovered dead after falling on ice and another in Hickman County who died while attempting to clear snow from his roof.

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Warnings and Precautions Amidst the Dangers of Winter

Rudy Kink from Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital gives a harsh warning about the risks of snow and ice.

He emphasises the possible dangers of falling icicles and accidents on snow-covered roadways, urging caution and common sense.

Kink emphasises the significance of avoiding unnecessary travel on snowy roads, wearing suitable clothes, and maintaining vigilance during these hard winter conditions.

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