Warning Issued as Scammers Target Brazos County Residents

Scammers are targeting Brazos County citizens by pretending to be other entities, leaving victims in a state of anxiety.

False Claims by Fake Sheriff’s Office Personnel

One person, who wishes to remain anonymous, fell prey to an elaborate hoax in which the fraudster claimed to be from the Brazos County Sheriff’s Office.

The imposter claimed the resident failed to appear for a jury summons in December, and provided a fake case number and subpoena.

The victim, who was upset and under pressure, decided to pay the fee via Venmo. The scam was exposed when the caller sought an extra money for a fake Zoom appointment with a judge.

Authorities Respond – Warning Against Phone Payments

Chris Searles, Public Information Officer for the Brazos County Sheriff’s Office, stated that the sheriff’s office does not request money over the phone or use applications like Venmo.

Legitimate transactions occur directly at the sheriff’s department. Authorities have received numerous calls about similar frauds, asking locals to remain careful.

BTU Issues Warning: Beware of Fake Staff Visiting Homes

Separately, Bryan Texas Utilities (BTU) encountered problems when individuals claiming to be BTU staff went door-to-door.

The scammers, who had unknown intentions, prompted suspicion, prompting BTU to issue a warning to residents.

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BTU’s Caution – Verify Credentials Before Allowing Entry

Meagan Brown, BTU’s Public Information Officer, asked residents to exercise caution and verify the identity of anyone claiming to be a BTU employee.

Genuine BTU employees will be identified by insignia on their clothing and vehicles, as well as by a badge and work order. Residents who are unsure about the legitimacy of a visit can verify by contacting BTU.

Law Enforcement Alert – Reporting Suspicious Activity

Law enforcement, especially the Brazos County Sheriff’s Office, encourages residents to report any suspicious activity as soon as possible.

Officers can investigate and verify the identity of anyone claiming to represent utility providers or law enforcement authorities. Impersonation of police enforcement can result in arrests.

Residents should take caution, verify facts, and report any suspicious interactions to the relevant authorities in light of recent instances.

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