Tow Truck Operator Killed In Georgia Interstate-575 Accident!

On a Georgia freeway Thursday afternoon, a tow truck driver was ki!!ed while standing outside of his car. Frank Ingram was struck by an automobile as he was on I-575 in Cherokee County.

The Holly Springs Police Department posted on Facebook, “The Holly Springs Police Department extends our heartfelt sympathy to the loved ones of Frank Ingram.”

“His team has been an invaluable asset to our daily operations, and this loss is a strong reminder of the need to take caution and reduce speed when passing vehicles parked on the roadside.”

If the vehicle that struck Ingram remained at the site or would face charges is unknown.

The crash is being looked at by a number of organizations, including the Woodstock Police Department, Woodstock Fire Department, Holly Springs Police Department, and Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office.

The Holly Springs Police Department stated, “The recent tragedy underscores the significance of National Move Over Day tomorrow, and we urge everyone to remain vigilant and aware of their environment while driving every day.”

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