Conviction For Father of Eight’s Murder At Colorado Springs Gas Station!

A man from Colorado is responsible for the death of a father of eight children. In August 2022, Jeremy “JJ” Diaz was fatally ki!!ed at a Kum & Go. He died, and Brian Alford was accused.

Alford was found guilty of second-degree m*rder in court on Friday as the trial concluded. During Diaz’s memorial, his family remarked on how popular he was.

Witnesses gave testimony during the trial on what they claimed occurred the night Diaz was ki!!ed. Despite a witness’ testimony that Diaz instigated the argument, the jury was shown security footage that appeared to show Diaz attempting to flee the scene.

The footage also appeared to show Alford escalating the situation by drawing a gun.

After many hours of thought, Alford was determined to be guilty. His hearings for two further incidents in which he is accused of attcking a peace officer are scheduled for the following week. The sentencing will probably follow those hearings.

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