Stone County Sheriff’s Office Pays Tribute To Heroic Deputy’s Ultimate Sacrifice!

Deputy Justin Smith was tragically killed in the line of duty on Tuesday. The incident happened when he was executing a warrant for a misdemeanor charge of terroristic threats. During this operation, Smith was shot and killed by the suspect, Clinton Hefton.

According to reports, Hefton was caught after this incident and is now facing capital murder charges.

Smith’s colleague, Deputy Alan Estes, related his memories of their first meeting. He remembered Smith always treating everyone with the same degree of respect and care. Estes praised Smith’s approach to people, which he thinks will continue to inspire and impact the department.

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Estes praised Smith for a number of qualities that he found admirable. He described Smith as a person who was always pleasant and witty and who was quick to forgive.

Estes also emphasized Smith’s consistent dedication to his job, which was seen both during and outside of work hours.

Smith was a well-respected and appreciated member of the Sheriff’s Office due to his dedication and outstanding characteristics. Estes hopes that Deputy Smith’s talents will be emulated and nurtured throughout the department as a lasting legacy.

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