Spring Man Accused of Fatal Shooting In New Jersey Hotel!

Authorities claim that a 38-year-old man from Spring had shot and killed his wife at a motel in New Jersey while his two little children were in the room. The man just had his bond revoked in Montgomery County and is currently being held in a Philadelphia jail.

In New Jersey, 38-year-old Steven Burgess is accused of murder.

According to the Runnemede Police Department, officers were called to a Days Inn Hotel on November 1 at approximately 1:48 a.m. in response to an allegation of a carjacking and a shooting.

The victim informed the authorities that someone had shot him with a gun and taken his car when they spoke with him.

Officers discovered 30-year-old Ivy Morris dead from what appeared to be gunshot wounds while searching the hotel. The family had recently relocated to New Jersey for a fresh start, according to her father, James Morris, who spoke. However, late on Tuesday, the couple had been bickering.

“I guess their argument escalated, and I knew something bad was going to happen,” said James Morris. “So, we left, and I guess he shot her, and he tried to get in a car and leave or something.”

The toddler and infant of the couple were in the room, but they were unharmed, according to the authorities. James Morris, who is mourning the loss of his daughter, places some of the blame on the extremely addictive substance fentanyl.

“He (Burgess) was supposed to be making a lot of money, but he was on that damn fentanyl crap and went crazy, I guess,” he stated.

Montgomery County court documents state that Burgess was accused in April of carrying fentanyl with the intent to distribute it. A judge revoked Burgess’ bond on October 27 due to four bond violations connected to drug testing; the man was wanted.

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He was apprehended by U.S. Marshals and police on Thursday morning at a hotel in Philadelphia, not for the bond revocation in Texas but rather for the murder of his wife in New Jersey.

He is being held in Philadelphia prison while he awaits extradition to New Jersey.

Additional charges are pending, according to police, although the investigation is still underway.

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