Brooklyn Bishop Robbery Suspect Fatally Shot by Police in NJ

Shamar Leggette, a 41-year-old man wanted for a number of violent crimes, was fatally shot by US Marshals.

The incident took place during a standoff at a motel in South Brunswick, New Jersey. Leggette and his girlfriend had been sheltering there for a few days.

The confrontation lasted for 15 minutes and ended when Leggette opened fire on the law enforcement personnel, prompting them to return fire.

‘NY’s Most Wanted’ suspect sought for robbing flashy Brooklyn bishop shot dead by US Marshals in NJ:

Brooklyn Church Robbery: Over $1 Million Jewelry Stolen

Leggette’s criminal record is extensive. He was charged with a high-profile theft at Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministries in Brooklyn, when he and others took more than $1 million in jewelry.

His criminal past includes attempted murder charges in Providence, Rhode Island, as well as involvement in a homicide outside a strip club in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

The Brooklyn Church Robbery

The 2022 robbery at Bishop Lamor Whitehead’s church in Canarsie, Brooklyn, was highly notable. Leggette, along with two others, attacked the church during a service, robbed Whitehead and the parishioners.

The event was shockingly captured on the church’s livestream. Juwan Anderson and Say-Quan Pollack, Leggette’s collaborators in the crime, have already been captured and are awaiting sentence.

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Bishop Whitehead’s Reaction

Bishop Whitehead expressed mixed emotions following the news of Leggette’s death. He recalled the harrowing experience of having his family threatened at gunpoint but extended his forgiveness to Leggette.

Whitehead also lamented the negative impact the robbery had on his reputation and ministry, as rumors circulated suggesting his involvement in planning the crime.

Legal Troubles for Bishop Whitehead

Bishop Whitehead himself is facing legal issues. He was arrested in December 2022 for allegedly defrauding a parishioner out of their retirement savings.

His trial is scheduled for the following month, adding another layer of complexity to this ongoing saga.

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