Southern California Man is Accused of Beating a Woman to Death With a Fire Extinguisher

In Southern California, a man named Dino Rojas-Moreno, 26, is facing serious charges for hurting a woman named Tatum Goodwin, 27.

She was found hurt very badly and left at a construction area. This means he could get a very severe punishment if he’s found guilty.

It happened late at night when Tatum was in a parking lot in Laguna Beach. It seems like Dino hurt her there near her car.

Later, a construction worker found Tatum’s body hidden under a fence, and something heavy had been put on her head.

“then forcefully dragged her to the rear of the parking lot, down a short alley, and to a secluded area behind a movie theatre that was under construction.

“Rojas-Moreno is then accused of beating Goodwin to death with a fire extinguisher.”

Dino, who works as a bartender, didn’t go to work that day and said some guys attacked him. But the police found enough clues to think he might be involved. They arrested him a few days later.

Now, the police are trying to figure out if Dino and Tatum knew each other. He’s facing charges for really serious things like murder, hurting someone while kidnapping them, and using something as a weapon in the crime.

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