One Person Found Dead in Bronx Attic Amid Fire That Destroyed Three Homes

Firefighters in the Bronx found a dead man while they were looking through the scene of a house fire. Three homes caught fire Monday just before 9:30 p.m., according to the police.

The fire began in a house on Bainbridge Avenue and then spread to two buildings next to it. As firemen went into one house, video shows smoke and flames coming out of an attic.

Man found dead in attic after 3 homes catch fire in the Bronx:

“It was a lot of heavy fire on arrival, it was actually a second alarm that was transmitted upon arrival. So the units came in, there were some water issues in the beginning so that kind of worked against us and it quickly went to a third alarm,” Assistant Chief Tom Currao said.

There was a 57-year-old guy dead inside the collapsed part of one of the homes when firefighters got there. Authorities say one fireman got some minor injuries. The fire’s cause is still being looked into.

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