SLO County Invests $9 Million to Safeguard Bridge Against Earthquake Risk

The San Luis Obispo County Public Works Department has announced a significant initiative to fortify the Lopez Drive Bridge near Lopez Lake.

This upgrade aims to protect the bridge from potential collapse during earthquakes, ensuring the safety of travelers who rely on this access route.

$9 million project will protect SLO County bridge from collapsing in an earthquake:

Project Details and Goals

The $9.2 million project will begin on January 30 by establishing specialized equipment to permit comprehensive retrofitting during the forthcoming spring season.

The major goal is to strengthen the bridge’s structural integrity by installing new support columns and seismic cable restraints underneath.

Impact on Traffic and Construction Schedule

Construction is expected to take place between January 30 and March 1, largely on weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. and then from 6 p.m. to 7 a.m., depending on weather.

To make the task easier, the Public Works Department will close lanes with flags and signage. These devices will direct traffic flow between Lopez Drive and Hi Mountain Road during construction.

Motorists passing through this zone may expect periodic delays and consider rescheduling their trips accordingly.

Read some of the latest headlines below:

Shimmick Construction Co., based in Irvine, has been hired by the county to handle the project. The Caltrans Highway Bridge Program has provided funding for this critical project.

The San Luis Obispo County Public Works Department’s proactive initiative indicates a commitment to ensuring the safety and resilience of important infrastructure in the face of seismic threats, with a focus on the protection of residents and visitors navigating the Lopez Drive Bridge region.

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