Breaking News: Minor 2.4-Magnitude Earthquake Hits Lake County

A minor earthquake hit Lake County on Tuesday. It occurred in Madison Township and measured 2.4 on the Richter scale. It was approximately 5 kilometers deep and located near Lake Erie.

2.4-magnitude earthquake reported in Lake County:

The Frequency and Impact of Minor Quakes

Earthquakes with magnitudes less than 2.5 usually don’t cause much of an impact on people.

These minor earthquakes are occasionally felt in Northeast Ohio, the largest one to ever be recorded there was in 1986 and had a magnitude of 4.8.

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Madison’s Recent Quake

Madison was hit by a 4.2-magnitude earthquake in August, one of two in quick succession.

The 4.2 quake made several unusual events, such as beer taps unexpectedly opening at Debonne Vineyards, spilling around 30 gallons of beer.

It also caused a small break in the winery’s chimney. Despite their minor impact, the recent tremors have left the region on high alert.

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