Severe Weather Alert: Chatham Emergency Management Agency on High Alert

The Chatham Emergency Management Agency (CEMA) is preparing for a severe weather system that is expected to impact the area on Tuesday.

Wind Concerns and Bridge Closures:

CEMA is particularly focused on the strong winds expected. If sustained winds hit 34 miles per hour, certain bridges like the Talmadge or Islands Expressway bridge might be closed as recommended by the Department of Transportation.

Local law enforcement will decide on other bridge closures, including the Lazaretto Creek Bridge to Tybee Island, if they pose transportation risks.

Safety Measures Advised:

With heightened tornado risks and high winds, CEMA advises residents to prepare for potential impacts.

They suggest having a plan for shelter during a tornado, ideally in the lowest home spot or an interior room without windows.

An emergency kit with essentials like water, flashlights, and extra phone batteries is encouraged.

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Tornado Alert and Safety Actions:

CEMA stresses the importance of reacting to tornado sirens by seeking immediate shelter in an interior part of the house.

Loose yard items should be secured ahead of the storm to avoid debris hazards.

Differentiate between a tornado watch (potential tornado formation) and a tornado warning (actual tornado threat).

Safety Director’s Recommendations:

Jones, the CEMA director, emphasizes taking precautions, including responding promptly to tornado sirens and understanding the distinction between a watch and a warning.

He advises residents to secure loose items outdoors and underscores the importance of preparedness in case of a tornado.

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