Oregon Zoo Celebrates Rhino Calf’s One-Month Milestone

The Oregon Zoo recently celebrated a momentous milestone for the newest member of its rhinoceros family: a one-month-old calf born to the zoo’s resident rhinos, Jozi and King.

The calf, born on December 4, has grown to 172 pounds, a significant increase from its birth weight of 100 pounds. The juvenile rhino has begun to become acquainted with its surroundings, particularly the rhino maternity den behind the scenes.

This stage of development is critical for the calf’s growth and learning about its surroundings.

Strong Parental Bonds and Health Monitoring

Chad Harmon, the zoo’s rhino area supervisor, reports that both Jozi and her child are in good condition. The mother-child attachment is strong, and the calf’s exploration of the barn is expanding.

While the zoo staff regularly observes the calf’s progress, they keep a respectful distance to allow Jozi and her youngster to connect naturally.

The veterinary team has yet to confirm the calf’s gender because their primary focus is on minimally invasive observation.

Harmon notes that when the calf is ready, a more comprehensive veterinarian examination will be performed, revealing the calf’s gender.

Conservation Efforts and Public Viewing

The birth of this baby is more than simply a joyous occasion for the Oregon Zoo; it symbolizes a considerable step forward in the protection of the critically endangered eastern subspecies of black rhinoceros.

Oregon Zoo Celebrates Rhino Calf's One-Month Milestone

The calf of Jozi and King plays an essential role in the overall story of this species’ survival. Kelly Gomez, the zoo’s Africa area manager, emphasizes the plight of black rhinos, with poaching and illegal wildlife trading dramatically lowering their numbers globally.

The public will be allowed to visit the calf once it has grown in size and the weather has improved. The zoo hopes that the story of this rhino family will raise awareness and action for black rhino conservation worldwide.

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