Winter’s Fury Return: West Coast Braces For Historic 4-7 Feet Snowfall

Powderchasers, a known meteorological group, predicted an exceptional snowfall last week, guaranteeing “feet” of snow across the United States West Coast. This grandiose prediction, as it sounded, mostly came true, transforming the region into a winter wonderland.

To the pleasure of winter sports fans, resorts from the Sierra to the Cascades were coated with a thick, pristine coating of high-quality, low-density powder.

The Pacific Northwest: Bracing for A Deluge of Flakes

Looking ahead, meteorological patterns predict that this snowy saga will continue unabated, particularly in the Pacific Northwest. “The week ahead will be very, very deep in the PNW, with 2-5 feet likely, especially for Washington and Oregon,” Powderchasers said in its most recent forecast.

The interior parts of British Columbia and the northern panhandle of Idaho are also expected to experience heavy snowfall, with projections projecting 12-15 inches within the next 24-48 hours.

Northern Montana is still in the line of this storm, assuring a consistent supply of new snow. Meanwhile, the Tetons have returned to the winter forecast, along with reasonable projections for the Wasatch and northern Colorado.

Sierra’s Encore And The Winds of Change

In terms of the Sierra region, the picture is similar to the previous storm. Powderchasers predicts that the Sierra Crest will receive 10-18 inches of snow in the following few days.

This indicates that snow will fall from north to south of the lake, including well-known sites like Palisades and Kirkwood. Enthusiasts are ecstatic, exclaiming a collective ‘Woot!’ in delight.

Winter's Mighty Return: A Snowstorm of Epic Proportions Hits The U.S. West Coast

This storm, however, comes with a warning: strong winds. Beginning Monday night and lasting into Tuesday, these winds are expected to generate drifting snow, potentially resulting in road closures and making the backcountry more dangerous with wind-loaded slopes.

Given these conditions, experts advise storm surfing on chairlifts until a high-pressure system brings calmer weather.

In summary, this series of snowstorms heralds the return of winter, providing many chances for winter activities but also creating traffic and safety concerns. Caution and preparation are usually suggested for those venturing out into this vast expanse.

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