Settlement Enforcement Officers Receive Training on California Law Regarding Use of Deadly Force

According to a report by Hannah Wiley of the Los Angeles Times, the Pomona Police Department must retrain its officers in accordance with a 2019 law that altered California’s rules for the use of deadly force.

As part of a recent settlement agreement, the Pomona Police Department is required to provide training after being sued by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) for allegedly using training materials and internal policies influenced by the opposition and general dismissal of the impact of the law by California police unions.

California’s criteria have been raised from “reasonable” to “necessary in defense of human life” thanks to Assembly Bill 392. However, the definition of “necessary” was removed during modifications.

Due to this lack of clarity, the ACLU claims, rumors propagated throughout the state’s police forces that the statute did not materially alter their approach to deadly force.

Source: The Crime Report

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