The Chicago Way w/John Kass: Ray Lopez Doesn’t Buy City Hall’s Crime Narrative

As the mayoral election heated up, Jeff Carlin and I invited Ald. Ray Lopez to The Chicago Way podcast. He no longer runs for mayor.

What was his topic?

Lying politicians and cops are being blamed for miraculous reductions in street crime. Lori Lightfoot dreams of eliminating crime, but reality is different.

Lopez added, “I’m thrilled to be back in whatever capacity” after dropping out of the mayoral race but running for alderman.

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Lopez said, “Clearly, with crime down 92%, there’s no need for me to run!” for mayor.
Laughed. He was referring to Chicago and the mayor getting consumed by crime, but it’s not a story in the Chicago media.

Criminal Watchdog Media Site

Chicago Police Department 1st District Commander David Harris boasted on WLS-AM 890’s Steve Cochran Show that he’s cut downtown crime by 40%.

CWB Chicago, a recognised criminal watchdog media site, called Harris, WLS radio, and Cochran out on it and covered the humiliating affair. CWB Chicago arrested Harris. Downtown crime isn’t down 44%. CWB reports 30% more crime.

WLS, the big 89, which I used to adore and host, embarrassed itself by letting the top downtown officer ease Lori Lightfoot’s politics and get away with “pure fiction.”

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