Safety Alert: Clay County School Buses Avoid Dirt Roads on Monday

A big storm hit the part of Clay County over the weekend, making it very hard for kids to get to school on Monday.

The school district called the parents with bad news. Students who lived on country roads couldn’t be reached by buses because the storm made those roads very dangerous.

Parents were asked to help by the school board. To make sure their kids are safe, they have to take them to the nearest paved road if they live on a dirt road. Parents are asked to drive their kids to school if that isn’t possible.

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It was already hard enough, but the storm did a lot of damage across the county. Because of this, the school told everyone to expect delays on Monday.

For one thing, the roads are dangerous, and everything is taking longer because of the damage the storm caused.

Parents are having a challenge finding a safe way for their kids to get to school, and everyone is getting ready for delays.

But with everyone’s help and patience, things should quickly return to normal once the bad weather ends.

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