Storey County School Superintendent Todd Hess Announces Retirement

The announcement that Superintendent Todd Hess will be retiring at the conclusion of this school year was made by the Storey County School District on Thursday.

He began his educational journey in kindergarten and completed his high school education at Virginia City High School in 1986. Hess has spent his entire life in Storey County.

The Storey County School District announced that Superintendent Todd Hess will retire after the 2023 – 2024 school year. He has been with the school district for the last 30 years as a teacher, coach and principal of all 4 SCSD schools:

The school district stated that prior to becoming superintendent, he had worked for the district for thirty years in various capacities, including as a teacher, a coach, and as the principal at each of the four schools.

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In a statement released by the school system, Hess was quoted as saying, “It has been an absolute privilege working alongside every one of you as we work to help students and families reach their goals and aspirations,”

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