Lake County School Bus Driver’s Heroic Act

Stacey Hatcher, a school bus driver in Lake County, is being called a hero. She saved a hit-and-run victim’s life by using her big yellow bus to block traffic until help arrived.

After dropping off students from Eustis High School band on October 23, she spotted someone lying near Lakeview Avenue and Morin Drive. Instead of her usual route, she took a different way, crossing Bay Street to West Lakeview, where she saw the person in need.

“I just give God all the glory,” she said.

The 25-year bus driver’s first reaction was that it was a Halloween joke, she told WKMG. She turned around, turned on her headlights, and saw that the person was in serious distress. After turning the bus to block traffic, she dialed nine eleven.

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Was she a champion?

Craig Capri, the chief of Eustis Police, told the Daily Commercial, “There is no doubt about it.”

He stated, “It was dark out.” It’s possible that another person would have arrived and struck her with their vehicle. Hatcher was seated high in the car, giving her a fantastic view.

Hatcher received recognition during the Eustis City Commission meeting on November 2. She received the Citizens Life Saving Award from the police department.

A hospital was visited by the hit-and-run victim. Police were still looking for the driver as of Nov. 22.

“All we know is that it was a white vehicle and that it has front-end damage,” Capri said.

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