Real Estate Update: Median Home Sales in Livingston County Drop to $322K

The most recent data release for October reveals a significant shift in Livingston County’s housing market, with median home sales falling from $350,000 the previous month to $322,000.

According to, median prices have decreased by 8%.

Yearly Comparison Highlights Trends

A continuing trend in the county’s real estate sector is highlighted by the fact that the average sales price has decreased by 2.1% compared to October 2022.

Single-Family Homes and Condos/Townhomes Show Varied Trends

Breaking down the data, single-family homes in Livingston County experienced a 4% decrease in median selling prices, settling at $336,000 in October.

On the other hand, condominium and townhome prices saw a more significant decline of 12.1%, reaching a median of $310,000.

Real Estate Update Median Home Sales in Livingston County Drop to $322K
Real Estate Update Median Home Sales in Livingston County Drop to $322K

Sales Volume and Total Value

Livingston County experienced a significant drop in the number of registered sales in October, which went from 345 to 177, representing a year-over-year decrease of 48.7%.

The overall value of all residential home sales reached $62.8 million, despite the fact that this declining trend continued.

Broader Michigan Trends

The median price of a property in the state of Michigan dropped from $231,758 in September to $220,737 in October, representing a decrease of 4.8%. This is an indication of the state’s real estate landscape.

When compared to October 2022, the total sales that were recorded across the state likewise declined by 22.5%.

Michigan Townhome Median Price Falls to $260,000

There was a 4.6% decrease in the median price of condominiums and townhomes in the state of Michigan in October, with the price coming in at $260,000, compared to $272,415 in September.

On the other hand, the median sales price showed a 4% increase from October 2022 to the current month.

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Understanding the Median Home Sales Price Metric

It’s crucial to note that the median home sales price, used in this report, offers a more accurate reflection of the market than the average sales price.

The median eliminates potential distortions caused by exceptionally high or low sales figures, providing a clearer picture of the housing market’s current state.

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